Learn A Little About Us And Our Family Life

Hello, there. Thank you for visiting The Smelly Panda Soap Company store.

     We're a family-owned, growing company that began in a small town in Indiana. After my cancer diagnosis, we took a good look at the choices we were making and how we were living. We decided our family needed to live a cleaner, more sustainable life. Changing our skincare products and routine was one of the first things we did. And, boy, are we are glad we've made that decision. Some things we really enjoy doing are traveling and sight seeing, spending time together as a family with family, playing board games with each other, and relaxing watching movies. We have some fish and spoiled (deeply loved) dogs. Life is fast, days and years fly by. We like to slow down sometimes to enjoy the company we're with and the soak up the memories made along the way. 

     It's our pleasure to meet you. We hope you and your family enjoy our products as much as we do and you benefit from what we have to offer. We truly are a company that cares. 

Enjoy the day. 

Jenni and Matthew Grice

The Smelly Panda Soap Company Owners